Stress In Breathe Out !!

Or is it the other way around ? , we all have our little stress busters, from playing with our children to going to gym, the idea remains simple, change of focus. I deal with my stress in a rather odd way. First it hits me, before I know it I have a heavy head and a nagging thought in my mind worrying about the consequences of the problem. BHAM, here it is, its real, all of a sudden out of nowhere, never thought it was coming. My first approach is to try and brush it away. When it doesn’t work, I start reasoning with myself and take a rather analytical approach – I analyse the reasons, analyse the timescales it may take to resolve , analyse how much in control I am. If I feel the situation can be resolved by devoting my attention and dealing with the problem, I get on with it straight away.

If the ball is not in my court, for instance it is something that I have to

wait for and the final decision lies with someone else, then I put my best step forward in explaining my side of the resolution to the other side and simply wait for an answer and hope for the best.

Next step is to bring calm within myself, and I do that by reasoning with my brain, when its not in your control and you have done your best, let it take its natural course. Do not worry, Do not think, Do not stress.

Lets face it, thinking in anticipation never resolves anything, it is more productive to carry on with your life, change your focus and stay busy. You need to train your brain such that even an atom of such thought should not enter your mind.

So how can you rise to the situation ? Very simple, take either or all of the following actions.

  • Change your focus immediately, do something that will take your mind off that topic, may be a little dance move or humming your favourite song, call your friend have a chat, plan something.
  • If you are not a great fan of taking rapid drastic actions like option one then replace that thought with something that is more supportive, something that gives you joy, your little achievement, the piece of work you are really excited about, how you changed the situation around the last time it happened.
  • Energise yourself through some simple repetitive declarations, I will deal with this problem, as it comes, I am bigger than this problem, I have all the power within me (already) to handle this difficult situation.
  • Want to go a step further ? keep on saying “I have learned something new today”. This will give me more courage and knowledge to stay firm in such situations, this is feedback and it will make you grow stronger

And you feel a miracle will start to happen, before you know it, your fear will be replaced with courage and you will be ready to face the issue head on. Its the power of conviction, and belief in yourself you already have it in you, you just need to keep on reminding yourself.

Adios – Make it happen !!

Faisal Talpur