Ben Humble – Powerpreneur – Client Success Story


Client Success Story: From an ‘Entrepreneur’ to ‘PowerPreneur’

Business Setups for him:

1) An online portal that provides web services like GoDaddy

2) European Legal Services

3) Global Call Centre Agent Portal

Training Given
  • PowerPreneur
  • Implementing Multiple businesses
  • and Power Positioning of his companies

Back Story: Mr Humble had been looking for the right person to make things happen for him for the last 10 years. Already an Entrepreneur, he wanted to increase his business portfolio and had a lot of ideas but did not know who to approach and how to make it happen. Ben’s venture into other businesses went in vain due to lack of successful combination of right mind-set and business implementation. He found it difficult to get his ideas to be understood by companies and individuals as they had limited vision. Ben is a visionary and he faces the same problems as other pioneers of the world, people either could not understand his vision or lacked the knowledge, expertise and knowhow to bring it to life, which we did.

His Dream: To create self earning scenarios for people, where they have the opportunity to fend for themselves and their families . Ben wants a lifestyle that is dependant on multiple sources of income.

His Dream Came True: I met Ben in September 2016, and we got on instantly, this is what happens when your mind-set matches with that of your clients’. Since then we have launched 1 business for him with another 2 in the pipeline. He is an angel at heart who wants to help the whole world today, but finds the world to be very slow moving, he is learning to pace it down.

/ What He's Says About Us

Now the one thing I think is amazing Faisal, is you have given me an opportunity personally, to give me what I call a Nelson Mandela moment, a moment that’s given my dreams come to real reality, you know. You don’t get that in business these days. I never had anyone help me when I started a business and what you’ve done to me, there can be no monetary value to it, there can be no cost to it , that you’ve given me that Nelson Mandela moment to make my dreams become possible, to make our dreams come to fruition, and I want to thank you for that.


You know, something in reality, when I first started in business many years ago, I was hungry to find someone who would listen to me and help me, give me the right decision the right things that I can do in order to make my business and the ideas I had come to life. What’s refreshing about being with someone like Faisal from Cinch Technologies is the ability to trust me and believe in my beliefs to make the realities happen, putting the systems in place to make it happen. It’s a very difficult situation, it’s not readily available for everyone out there, it’s not for everyone. But my advice is, if you can find somebody like I found, Cinch Technologies, and Faisal and his team of people who are dedicated and personally want to make this thing work for you and your dreams come true, then that certainly is the way forward, I think, for any business, for any ideas that you have, it’s about the money and friends, it’s about the companionship and the possibility of making a fusion of ideas and making things come to fruition and work really well, positively , yes the money comes after, but what’s important is to have that workability that no one on this planet earth, I believe can actually do what these people do, and that’s to take your dream, make it into achievable reality and make it work