Opportunity To Have Your Custom Made Business Built

From the Entrepreneurial Hub of Faisal Talpur, London, UK

Dear Friend,

I am building businesses for those who dream of having their own business, and I wanted to see if you want one?

This is an exclusive opportunity to WORK DIRECTLY WITH ME IN PERSON. I will Build and Deploy your business from start to finish plus teach you how a profitable business should be run.

We do it all from Concept to Creation to Power Positioning your business in the market

5000Tasks done for you from idea to launch
1000Types of Business We Can Build In-House
10Over 10 Years Of Experience

This will be a hands-on experience, where you will have a chance to get specific advice from me about your individual business, and I will teach you marketing strategies that have helped me sell products and services in various sectors like Technology, Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring, Customer Services, Property, Human Resources, Health Care and other sectors.

We do all the research and product creation. We set up everything from websites to client sourcing systems, prepare all the email campaigns, social media, landing pages, lead pullers, automate all marketing and connect it all together, everything will be ready and handed to you on a plate, ready to move forward when you are, you just have to say the word “GO”. Plus you get all the technology necessary to run a thriving business.

We Do It All

We setup everything from websites to client sourcing systems, email campaigns, social media, landing pages etc. WE DO IT ALL

You may want to convert your current career into a business. This could be your DREAM BUSINESS, something that you have been putting off for a while, or An Idea that I can help you come up with. We have in-house expertise to build 1000 types of businesses, so you will never be short of ideas.

We Put You In Control

I give you a business management system that can run the entire business from the comfort of your desktop or mobile. Giving you mobility and flexibility.

To put you in complete control, we give you a easy to use business management system so you can run the entire business from the comfort of your desktop or mobile, giving you ultimate time freedom and mobility.

I am doing this business setup as part of my ‘Design Your Dream Life’ initiative and that means automation and self-running comes as standard.

You Learn

I will teach you and show you how a profitable business should be run.

Currently, I am creating the following business for my clients:

  • PR, Public Relations Agency to Build a Brand Image for Celebrities
  • Testing and Quality Assurance Consultancy
  • IT Support and Systems Company
  • IT Support Training and Recruitment
  • Nurse Placement and Consulting Service
  • Website and Domain Registration Portal just like GoDaddy.com
  • Property Investment Company to Invest in South East England
  • Accountancy Practice
  • European Legal Services
  • Trading Portal for Service Providers in UAE
  • Training Corporate Employees to Communicate with Mainstream Media Like BBC

If you are interested in learning more about your dream business creation and implementation, enter your name, email address and phone number to get started.

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