David Nudelman – Client Success Stories


Client Success Story: From ‘ Corporate Head of IT’ to a ‘ Tech Entrepreneur ’

Business Setups for him:

1) Training Institute for career development in technology
2) Leadership in IT Support business

Training Given

Leadership training and Entrepreneur Mind-set

Back Story: David comes from an extremely strong corporate background, where he was Head of IT for a multinational and the fastest growing retail bank in United Kingdom. With 9 MVP awards from Microsoft alone he is indeed an authority in his sector. David took the leap of faith and quit his corporate job to start his IT business. He felt strongly about helping companies to take control of their technology, how big corporates lack teaching and applied training and how resolving a problem is a bigger problem because of lack of practical knowhow.

His Dream: To change the game of IT Training and Support as we know it, Continue a Brand Image Legacy that he created with Microsoft and become a Key Person of Influence and Global Authority in his sector

His Dream Came True: I am helping David in his business that will make his dream a reality and change the way IT support sector works. We are aiming for the I am also setting up state of the art training institute for him. In addition we are working on to build up his Celebrity Techprenuer status helping him augment his credibility, authority and trust in the marketplace that he loves. David is now happily married for the second time to his business. His business is moving in the right direction with consistent and stable growth

/ What He Says About Us

When I decided to open my company, I didn’t think I needed help. I worked in the corporate world for many years. I used to be the Head of IT at a bank. But then I met Faisal, who very knowledgeable, resourceful and very inspiring.  And he starts talking about EM program, which I gladly signed up to. It gave me a lot of very powerful tools to deal with, you know, the day-to-day of running a business and how to avoid, you know, pitfalls, how to deal with cash flow, how to design my product, how to make offerings almost irresistible and all those things you know, living in the corporate world. You are not prepared for that.

When I started my solo career, and left the corporate world. I was confident and was sure I would never need external help. That I had everything I required to start my business on my own. But I was quite glad I found Faisal, because he is very inspiring, resourceful and knowledgeable and he introduced me to the Entrepreneur Maker program, which gave me all the tools, to properly design products, irresistible offering, how to kind of set the correcting pricing for my products and a lot of useful tips on how to get the business on track to be more successful, quicker, avoiding the common pitfalls.

So based on what I just explained, I truly recommend you talk to either Faisal or a coach. A coach can really help you a lot. It will unlock a lot of hidden assets that you have within you. It will also expose you to a lot of things you are not aware.