About Mir Faisal Talpur

About Me

Hello, On this page I shamelessly boast about how good I am and all my achievements.I have kept it mercifully brief. Nothing in the world could have prepared you for an overdose of self conceited spiel so here it is.

I am a serial entrepreneur and inventor with interests in various industry sectors. On the business front I have have been running a few businesses for past 10 years.

I transform professionals into entrepreneurs and help them build successful businesses. Creator of Business DNA, Entrepreneur Maker, Design your life, Powerpreneur, Risk Reversal and other methods created to eliminate hope and inspire natural rhythm of business success.

My methods promote the rationale needed to cultivate harmony between business and its customers. I am is the most sought after turnaround and growth specialist in the Entrepreneur Space.

I am now the CEO of Cinch Group Of Companies.

Location: London, UK (since 1997)


Email: faisal@cinchgroup.com

Personal Background

I was born into the Royal Talpur family of Sindh, Pakistan in 1978. I am the 5th direct descendent of the last ruler of Sindh before British took over. The Talpur Dynasty conquered and ruled Sindh and other parts of present-day Pakistan, from 1783 to 1843. My family till date follows Talpur traditions and owns vast land masses. My parents and siblings are based in Karachi, where i spent my early years.

My fascination of technology started when I was 8 years of age. I experimented with various innovative products before inventing E-Thermal shoes at the age of 17, for which I also hold a patent. My accolades also include research on domestic energy generation and running Pakistan’s First English Scientific Magazine called ‘Knowledge Spectra’. I was the founder and editor of this magazine.

At the age of 19, i came to London to seek further education and completed my Bsc in Computer Science from University of London. I have been in London for 20 years. My entrepreneurial and innovative nature led me to choose a path which diverted from my family business.

Professional Skills

I'm Good At.....

Software Development
Business Transformation
Making Entrepreneurs
Product Design & Development

My Skills

Technical Skill Levels

Real Estate Investment
Business Consulting
Entrepreneur Mentoring
Power Positioning

My Interest

I Like Learning About.......

Cyber Security
Business Intelligence & A.I
Community Safety & Policing
Psychological Market Domination
Internet of Things (IOT)
Making Entrepreneurs
Smart Cities & Tourism
Autonomous Businesses
Sharia Compliant Business
Ethical & Responsible Technology

My Businesses

Real Estate Sector

Cinch Properties

Cinch actively operates in the residential and commercial property markets. We consider assets with an investment angle where we can add good value for our investors. Equity at acquisition, development or refurbishment opportunities, short leases,hotels and commercials with good covenants are some of our common investment domains.

Technology Sector

Cinch Technologies

Inspired by the challenges faced by organisations today and how powerful IT platforms can provide the best solutions, Cinch Technologies was established to provide flexible yet robust solutions to organisations big and small. Our applications are a fresh breed of software class that are scalable, customisable, intuitive yet affordable.

Digital Brand Marketing

Brand Perceptions

Brand Perceptions is a specialist marketing agency providing advertising intelligence and media marketing solutions to the brands worldwide. In hiring us, our clients benefit from complete range of services including strategic market planning, direct market promotions, digital, creative and interactive marketing including public relations.

Technology Sector

Entrepreneur Maker

In 2018 Faisal launched Entrepreneur Maker, this game changing concept converts the uniqueness of an individual’s core identity into a personality based business. Engineered to eliminate hope and assure success in business this framework reverses how we do business today, it challenges the traditional methods of building a business by introducing conformity between the entrepreneur, his offerings and his target market segment creating a stress free business eco-system. This method is now being successfully used to transform working professionals into entrepreneurs as it comes with training of how to think, behave and act like an entrepreneur.

Technology Sector

Business Pronto

Business Pronto’ can be classified as World’s First of its kind ‘entrepreneurship platform’. The platform is aimed to assist and help 1200 types of businesses and entrepreneurs achieve success.

My Younger Years Achievements

Invented E-Thermal Shoes in Pakistan and holds the Patent (1995)
Published Pakistan’s First English Scientific Magazine - this was distributed nationwide in Pakistan (1995-1997)
Youngest member of Karachi Chamber of Commerce


My Businesses


My Affiliations

I am associated with.......

Federation Of Small Businesses
Muslim Association Of Croydon
South London Export Club
European Enterprise Network (EEN)
Newable Business Finance
Department Of International Trade
Start Up Croydon


Client Testimonials

Irene Gotora

From  the bottom of my heart, I found a truly amazing mentor in you. I believe we have now built a strong relationship based on trust and openness. As always you bring  incredible insight, and wisdom  leaving me more motivated and challenged to make this work.

Ben Humble

The ideas I had come to life. What’s refreshing about being with someone like Faisal from Cinch Technologies is the ability to trust me and believe in my beliefs to make the realities happen, putting the systems in place to make it happen. It’s a very difficult situation, it’s not readily available for everyone out there, it’s not for everyone.

Shazad Gul Aga

I have known Faisal for over 10 years. He is a true entrepreneur full of ideas and confidence to put them in to place. Very focused on client relationships and excellent service. He has always displayed his priority about “client comes first” above all.


Faisal is one of the most motivated and creative individuals that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Although he is a naturally talented entrepreneur, his work ethic is extraordinarily high, and he has on many occasions proved to me that he is both a visionary and a team leader. I recommend Faisal because he genuinely cares for all of his clients, and is absolutely committed to providing each of them with the best possible service.

Sandro Heitor

Faisal/Cinch Group have been great on a number of services i have asked of them. They were detailed and transparent on how they can help you. I have also dealt with Faisal on some Joint ventures when it comes to property and he has very good contacts in the industry as well as good market knowledge. It is always a pleasure to do business with good business or individual who understands and has the same core values as you. Thank you.

Charles Delozen

I worked with Faisal in 2015. He is an impressive CEO: open-minded with an innovative vision about business and the technological needs of companies management system (ERP, Management system, Marketing solution, Website)..He will do everything to suit the customers needs with a large range of technological solutions.