Become a Skilled Negotiator NOT a Salesman.;People buy people,so work on yourself before you work on your product.;First Rule of Success in Business: Become a Caring Human Being.;Build great Systems not great Companies.; Innocence will let you stay longer in Business than Arrogance.

Learn More About Entrepreneur Maker

What is Entrepreneur Maker?


I have designed this training to MAKE YOU an Entrepreneur, yes you heard me right, this training will transform your current mind-set into that of an entrepreneur, you will not help but ‘think’, ‘behave’ and ‘act’ like a businessperson. BUT training alone is no good if you do not have a business to run. So guess what we do, we setup the entire business for you end to end, this by the way would be a business of your choice, a business that conforms with your true identity and resonates with your values and believe system.

If you are looking to start a business or breathe new life into your existing business then you have arrived at the right place. You haven’t stumbled upon by accident or co-incidence but sheer law of attraction; if you really want to get into business and be your own boss then this practical training may be the answer to your prayers, because what I will teach you in the training

You need a vehicle to help you get to your desired destination


We identify what your desired Destination is.


We then start training you as a pilot while we build that plane for you


Next we establish what kind of vehicle will help you get there, lets say its an airplane


Once the custom plane has been built and your are ready as a pilot, we let you drive to your destination while we remain seated as a co-pilot beside you only for sometime to ensure you

What is The Entrepreneur Maker?

ENTREPRENEUR MAKER is a hands on practical training course along with your dream business setup designed for passionate individuals like you who either seek to venture into the world of business for the first time or for existing Entrepreneurs who are not quite there yet and looking to add to their existing skills to achieve their desired goals

Who Is Entrepreneur Maker For?

Todays economy has created corporate job markets to be

  • Unstable
  • Unpredictable
  • Uncertain
  • Insecure
  • Risky
  • Weak
  • Unsettled
  • Unsteady
  • Volatile &
  • Doubtful

This is creating Frustration, Annoyance, Dissatisfaction

Amongst professionals  who are now looking to break free from their jobs to create a more flexible lifestyle

They  are sick and tired of their 9 to 5 daily rat race – over 80% of the people are now unsatisfied or unfulfilled with their current jobs

They are unhappy with their life, some suffer from insomnia (sleep disorders) and chronic paranoia,

These professionals  live in a state of constant anxiety. They are defensive, angry, temperamental, and sabotage their work, personal and social life

They are the free radicals – having an unpaired indifferent attitude to their current lifestyle and jobs and are looking for an ideal alternative

No Escape Route for Professionals

They know there are alternatives available to start a business.  They have heard a lot of stories of  having a business on their terms ?

But just don’t know whether this can happen for them.

There are at a stage where they strived for a goal there whole life and they attain it and realise it not what they wanted.

Money is not the problem but time, self-believe,

lack of knowledge, resources, and guidance is

They need someone who they can trust to

Listen to them

Guide them &

Do it for them

The problem is they don’t know

How to start?

Where to go?

Who to go to?

What to do?

Is it even possible ?

This Course Has Been Designed From?

My Personal Experience (70%)

10 years of businesses  experience.

Global operation with physical setup in 3 different countries,  successfully growing the business during worse financial crash between 2007 to 2014

Type of businesses  I have run

Mortgage & Finance Company

Property Investments

E-Commerce (electronic goods online)

Consulting (Growth,  Turnarounds, Revenue Streams)

Software Technology

Brand Media and Marketing

(traditional and online)

Email Marketing Platform

Call Centres

With around 40 staff

By Researching and Studying (30%)

Applied Psychology

How Human Mind Works

Neuro-linguistic programming

Guerrilla Marketing

Communities and Social behaviours

Top successful businessmen in the world

Top business consultants in the world

Top marketers in the world

Internet giants and their marketing strategies

Speaking  to and interviewing 100s of entrepreneurs and professionals, understanding their problems, analysing their situation, and working out most practical solution.

Yes, This course has been designed using complicated stuff and years of experience but has been laid out for a novice with no technical or business background

Any other individual man/woman who wants to design their business around their life. This course can benefit beginners with no prior knowledge of business  or advanced users  who are either in business or have tried and not succeeded. Only Basic IT Skills are required for this training

Who Is This Course For?

  • Accountant
  • Actuary
  • Architect
  • Dentist
  • Engineer
  • Evaluator
  • Financial planner
  • Investment manager
  • IT consultant
  • Lawyer
  • Management consultant
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician
  • Registered nurse
  • Surgeon
  • Training and development
Skilled Trade
  • Nurses
  • Mechanics
  • Taxi drivers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Fashion designers
  • Dental / Medical assistants
  • Chef and head cooks
  •  Emergency medical technicians Paramedics
  • Hairdressers
  • Other skilled industrial,
  •  skilled construction trades and skilled service trades

You Can Use This Business Course To...



Real Estate

Professional Services

Consulting Services

Coaching Services

Information and News

Finance and Investments

Your own products

Tangible Products (from others)

Non Tangible Products (like software)

Any other product of service








Power Positioning

Brand promise

Celebrity Status

Personal Profile

Any other individual man/woman who wants to design their business around their life. This course can benefit beginners with no prior knowledge of business  or advanced users  who are either in business or have tried and not succeeded. Only Basic IT Skills are required for this training

Purpose Of This Training And The Business Setup ?

Solicitors, Accountants, Doctors, Nurses looking to setup an independent practice IT, Consultants looking to provide professional services and other professionals

Are you looking for a NEW WAY OF LIVING, those who would like to escape the daily rat race and are willing to design a more flexible way of living to spend more time with their family, for their passion, to travel or for philanthropic ventures

DESIGN YOUR LIFE, means you can have your business on your own terms.

This PractiCourse® by Mir Faisal Talpur will enable you to run your venture from anywhere, anytime and will help you determine the income you want to earn and the time you want to spent on your business.

This means freedom, luxury and an enviable lifestyle that your friends would love to have



Where to Start

People don’t know where to start and they either have to stop, freeze or go in circles


Entrepreneurs collect information from different sources and put the broken pieces of information together in hopes it will work.

Lack Of Knowledge and Know-how

How to go about it, who to contact, how to sell, where to look for prospects and how to run the operation.

Inconsistent Consumption

Different blogs, books, magazines, mentors, advice they get is not only channeled or focused towards one goal. Fragmented knowledge builds fragmented business.




Information means, they give you a manual,and want you to learn how to drive the car yourself

Impractical Advice

Mentors, Guides, Coaches, and information sellers, have not really done business themselves, thy are textbook educated and hence the lack of real knowledge of how it should be done.

Many Other Issues

Out of scope of this presentation


`{`Working for the greater good`}` What happens to the businessperson as a result (unknowingly)

Unconscious Incompetence

Entrepreneurs don’t not even realise they have a problem .

Conscious competence

Entrepreneur understands or knows how to do something. But lacks concentration to show skill or knowledge

Conscious Incompetence

Entrepreneur realises there is a problem but does not understand or know how to do something,

Loss of Money

a lot of money is lost on trial and error

Loss of Time

Months, years, sometimes decades are spent how to figure things out to make them work

Psychological Meltdown

Confidence is destroyed, personality is subdued, deterioration of good belief systems and moral devastation

Untrustworthiness in the society

As people resort to making quick money through unscrupulous ways, fiddling in business also teaches them to fiddle with law and government

Family Issues

Quarrels, divorces, split families and children, working extremely hard, ignoring families, and financial issues are one of the biggest factors of family splits

Self survival, Selfishness settles in

No Contribution to government, society, others

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the society

Happy Entrepreneurs will mean

Profundity content with their lives, easy running, less broken families
Contribution to the society, more sharing, more caring
Enrichment and growth of the business community as a whole, mutual feeling of confidence, help, goodwill
Easy flow of money the more they earn, the more they spent
Raised Standard of living improvement in lifestyle,  well being and better living
Government ease of pressure on the government from taxes being paid on time, more taxes being paid and less rescue efforts of business carnage

Live Life On Your Terms

It is designed for todays individual who is looking

for a NEW WAY OF LIVING, someone who would like to escape the daily rat race and is willing to design a more flexible way of living, perhaps spend more time with the family, fulfil their passion for travel or sports or for philanthropic ventures.


Personalised for each individual’s need It’s the only applied framework and practical setup of its kind, and allows you to design your life exactly how you would like it to be.

This is a unique offering and

you will not get this anywhere else in the world.

Question is:

Are you motivated enough to convert your dreams into reality ?

Have you got what it takes to live your dreams ?

You Decide

I have designed this course to put you in control.

We will help YOU DECIDE all the parameter and protocols you want to set for your business

  • Industry : The type of business you would like to do
  • Product or Service: What you want to sell
  • Time investment  (during  setup): How much time you can invest while setting up the business.
  • Time investment (while running the business): How many hours per week you want to work in your business
  • First Income Goal: How much income would you like to make as your first milestone. This can be what you are currently earning in your job
  • Size of business:  how big do you want your business to grow

Boundaries: will your business be, local, national  or global


Note*: the methods and techniques taught in this course are designed for the internet but users will no doubt benefit from them otherwise

What's In a Name?

Complete Hands-On Practical Business

Training Course with your Dream Business Setup


Complete: We have included all the essential elements you will need to run your small business smartly and on your terms

Hands-On: We do a lot for you, plus we will be looking over your shoulder during and after the business handover to make sure you get it right and make no grave mistakes

 Practical: Real life know how of what works, applicable action items with specific         how to’s, tried and tested techniques that will blow your mind

 Business Training: We teach you everything, so you become self-reliant in running your own business, we focus on you as an Entrepreneur and teach you all that it takes to run a business, most importantly you will start thinking and functioning like a businessperson, We focus on The Business , markets, technology, its operation and running.

Course: yes there is a lot to learn but you will love every part of it

Dream Business Setup: you decide the type of business you want to do, if you are unsure then we can help with the decision making of a business that conforms with your strengths. We do all the work and setup including marketing engines we also teach you how to market it, how to acquire clients and how to run it. We then automate most of it and then finally hand it over to you, we then help you to get it going and sit next to you and guide you while you perform

How Entrepreneurship is acquired (usually)

Conventional route to becoming an Entrepreneur

I call it the crash and learn method, You learn as you go and only react to problems as they arise. Essential components are missing, as information on how to run a business has been acquired from ad-hoc sources, general media or academic courses.

Such an Entrepreneur is incomplete, fragmented, lacks essential skills and underlying knowhow how to run a successful venture. A fragmented Entrepreneur will only build a fragmented business.

Problem 1 is you don’t know what are the missing pieces of the puzzle, even when you find them, then problem 2 arises which is where to put them to complete your puzzle. Usually it is too late by the time you figure it all out

Typically, how you will get to your

desired outcome ?

Most Entrepreneurs will go through dangerous experimentation and trial and error to get to their desired outcome. They lose money, essential time and energy  and still may never get what they want. This may take years, and worst of all  you may be moving further away from your goal and you may not even know it.

If you constantly chase your tail, you destroy your self confidence and the will to succeed. As a direct result, it re- enforces self defeating thoughts, pushing you into a downward spiral

How I equip you with Entrepreneurship & your business

Knowing the fundamentals and essential components will give you the edge.

Now Imagine we build the vehicle for you to get from A to B. We then equip you with impactful knowledge to thrust you towards business success.

and thrust you towards business success. From your start of point (now) to your ultimate outcome (in future).

NO riff raff, no fluff, no side talk just impactful knowledge that helps you get to your desired outcome quicker, easier and cost effectively

No Missing Fundamentals, Knowing everything that you need to know is first step towards business success. This is the only method that will get you to your desired outcome quicker, with ease and in an cost effective way and with least amount of risk

What is Entrepreneur Maker Made of ?

It consists of the following building blocks:

  • Your Human Factor and Core Identity
  • Your Mind Set
  • Designing your Ideal life
  • Your Super Skills
  • Business Setup (online)
  • The Technology
  • Specialised Knowledge
  • Automation, Operation, Management  & Control
  • The  Handover

Entrepreneurial Mind Set

YOUR INNER WORLD CREATES YOUR OUTER WORLD.          A strong mind leads to a strong business. This module will teach you the inner workings of your mind and that of others who will interact with you. For many their mind can be their biggest obstacle for success, so in order to transform you into a true Entrepreneur and to translate your efforts into successful ventures it is important to work on your inner world, otherwise you will experience a short blast of energy and success and get back to the basic status quo

Business Psychology :  Understand what triggers the emotion of social exchange or barter, what makes people buy, how decisions are made subconsciously ? Why people would pay over the odds for something that is available elsewhere at a low price. How behavioural dynamics imbibe humans to trade, understanding physical and mental communication where your subconscious talks to the subconscious of your potential clients

Power of Thought: How thought impulses can be converted to their physical equivalent, to bring dreams to life. How to believe in yourself and generate massive confidence

Creative Intelligence:  Creating an idea factory, how you can inspire yourself to come up with ideas that can be good for your business, enhancing the spirit of creativity

Behavioural Dynamics: you will understand the science of behaviour and mind including all aspects of conscious, unconscious as well as thought. The social elements of individuals and groups by means of general principle and real world examples

Your Inner Core Makeover (Core Identity)

To achieve forever success your inner core (your real self ) needs to be congruent with what you want to achieve in life, your business has to concur with your belief systems, your values, what you stand for and what you stand against. You can only disseminate trust in your marketplace when you know yourself inside out, when you trust who you are and what you can achieve

We will help you discover your true identity, where your passion lie, the things that matter to you and what you feel will bring you true happiness and peace of mind. We really dig deep into what you really want, what you are failing to achieve, why you are failing to achieve it, what success means to you , what’s your outcome and then create a pathway to help you achieve it.

Do no worry, if you are uncomfortable answering these questions, or don’t even know what this all means, we have all been there,  its easier than you think its not daunting, its not scary in fact you will absolutely love it, and thank me for it. You cannot imagine the driving force that is generated when you discover the power within.

Once we know who you really are, we then built the business  that is harmonious to your thought process and then disseminate your believes through your business to your audience. This is when the true magic starts to happen. When you truly know what you want, and are in sync with your inner believe systems you end up doing the right kind of business and magnetically attract the right kind of clients. This is really powerful and this is exactly what we engineer.

This is when business doesn’t feel like business, work feels like enjoyment, you are excited about what you do. you want to do more and more of it, it then multiplies and grows. There is no anxiety, no stress, no confrontations your clients become your best friends and you look forward to every interaction with them. You are in perfect harmony and in peace with yourself and your money matters

Entrepreneurial Mind Set (1)

Discovering yourself is the first step towards success. Research shows most people don’t know what they want or why they want it and because of the lack of clarity within themselves they are foggy about what they want to achieve which only increases confusion within and results in a weak business being built

Your brain and yourself :  Understand your core believes, values and purpose. Know what you want, why you want it, discover clarity of purpose, 5 action points to achieve anything, Who are you ? What do you really feel about yourself, your habits and traits, your confidence, how well you relate to others ? how well do you trust others ?

The CLEAR Method®: Developed by me, this model helps you to get in sync with yourself, create harmony, reduce anxiety in personal and business life and resonate with the natural rhythm of your unique inner core. This method will also guide you in aligning your inner being with the very fabric that you (as an individual) are made of and allows you to be in peace within yourself. When your mental vibrations oscillate at the same pace as your physical competence you get into a perfect state of harmony with yourself. Its simple if you are not fighting yourself you are not fighting the world

It will help you discover your true identity and covers the aspect of your physical state, mental state, emotional state and spiritual state. It helps you to develop sensory acuity to make accurate observations about yourself, people around you and people you will do business with. As you start to discover yourself you will choose the right kind of business with the right audience.

  • If the above seem to have gone over your head then that’s a bigger reason for you to take this course J. In the course, I have made it extremely easy and logical to understand with real life analogies

Designing Your Ideal Life

I have designed this training course to bring harmony and tranquillity in your life. A perfect combination of work, your personal life, your family life, your social and societal commitments. After we have helped identified the real you and what is it that you actually want, We will help YOU DECIDE all the parameters and protocols you want to set for your life and business. It is not only about giving you flexible working hours but most importantly to enhance natural balance and create a business that conforms with your ultimate desires.

Imagine creating a world where you ONLY deal with people and clients that you love.

This is extremely powerful, like I said you will not get this anywhere else in the world.

The PARB System and TB3®: Developed by me, will help you identify your true potential, it will get you to take action, focus on results , suspend disbelief and put you in an absolute state of certainty.  With these methods you will understand how dreams can be transformed into reality, and how you can channel your power of thinking into believing, behaving and becoming what you have ultimately set out to become. Your IDEAL Life will start to formulate in your imagination and your current way of living will slowly start to transition, transmute and merge into that ideal life, it’s slow transporting of your new dreams and believes into their physical equivalent .

NO its nowhere near scary, and certainly not science fiction

Expectation Model®:  Another important model that I have designed will train you how to manage self expectations and that of others around you.

Effortless Everything®: this methodology will teach you why working hard or smart is not the answer as this can still take you away from your goals and you may end up building the wrong business. Although my Effortless method does not mean you wont have to work for it, but it means you will only work when you have to and results of your efforts will be achieved quickly and easily

A Completely Stress Free Business

Designing Your Ideal Life (2)

Your Story: Discovering the real you, understanding your passion, your outcome, first WHY then WHAT and HOW. What you stand FOR and what you stand AGAINST, aligning you to be congruent with your purpose, cause, believes and values. Identifying your likes and dislikes, what you like to have more of and what you like to have less off (in life)

Influence: Creating your influence by developing your character, your back story, your super powers and overall purpose and desired outcome

Stress Free business life:  Once we know the very fabric make up of your thought process then we design the entire business that is in conformity with your belief system. This will pull clients who concur with your thoughts, your ideas, your ethos, they believe in what you believe, their morals are in par with yours.

We then create the right ecosystem to attract and accommodate the exact type of client you want to deal with, when we create the ideal environment for your perfect client they then naturally get drawn without much convincing, this breeds healthy business, and promotes natural growth. These clients get attracted through your subconscious via your physical business. They will concur with your belief system and magnetised by your persona and behaviour and we engineer all of this for you.

When you deal with clients that are congruent with your core identity then there is no stress.  Imagine doing business with people you actually like to be surrounded by, clients who think like you, behave like you, respect you and love you, for them you are the ultimate answer to their pressing problems.

There is a lot of sharing, caring and warmth. This will cultivate trust, rapport, credibility and utmost loyalty


Note*: the methods and techniques taught in this course are designed for the internet but users will no doubt benefit from them otherwise

Yes, For Once You Can Have It Your Way

Designing Your Life (3)

I have designed this training and business setup to put you in control of your life. Whether you are a single parent, or want to do this part time while looking after your parents or globetrotting. No matter what your reason is,  if you want ultimate flexibility with decent income then this may be the answer you are looking for

You have the choice of following variables to decide from,

we can help you decide if needed

Industry : The type of business you would like to do
Product or Service: What you want to sell
Time investment prior to launch (during setup): How much time you can invest while we set up the business for you ? Example 5 hours a week. This will be spent on your training plus interactions with you to get the most and best out of you.
Time investment post launch (while running the business): How many hours per week you want to work in your business ? Example 10 or 20 hours per week. This time can vary between transitioning from your job to taking over business full time may be over12 months
First Income Goal: How much income would you like to make as your first milestone ? This can be what you are currently earning in your job Example £5,000 per month or more
Size of business: How big do you want your business to grow in 2 years time ? Example: 5 people strong and £20,000 per month OR 7 people strong and £50,000 per month
Boundaries: Will your business be local, national or global ? Example: global on the internet but with physical presence in just one country.
Transition time: The time you want to take from your current profession into taking over business full time Example: 3 months , 6 months or 1 year

The Skill Set (1)

The Skills: We cover the skills you will need as a business person, as a negotiator, as a manager, communicator, as a matchmaker (matching your products or services to your client). We will correlate the skills of future (the ones you will need with what you are planning to achieve) with what you have got right now. We train you to cultivate good supportive habits and get rid of bad rituals which may be self destroying

We have chosen the skill set very carefully to equip with just what you need, not too much, not too little, just appropriate and certainly nothing difficult

Me Time: self development, oh yes, you will need your own quiet time to grow mentally and physically. You have to be consumed and determined to succeed and I will train you to achieve it through ME TIME.

Goal Setting: if you don’t know where you are going it is very difficult to know which route you need to take. Similarly if you just check your map once or twice while on an unknown long journey, you are likely to get lost. I will teach you how to set goals, and how to achieve them and most importantly how to enjoy your achievement

The Creative Spirit: imagine an environment where your creativity flows without bounds, this becomes possible when you reach a relaxed state of mind and physical serenity at work, you will learn methods that will help create the perfect creative environment.

Money Management: I promise you this is not a degree in advanced accounting, its just basic math, a lot of logic and the will to stay on top of the flow of money, that’s all.

Stay planned: plan your life, in a fun way, we will include a lot of perks and self treats

Time management and how to schedule everything: yes you will be able to schedule everything, your life, your kids life, your business and all the other things that come before and after it

Social Skills:  How to speak and communicate with people without looking weird


Note*: the methods and techniques taught in this course are designed for the internet but users will no doubt benefit from them otherwise

The Skill Set (2)

Confidence, Self Esteem and Self Worth: An incredible number of people I come across suffer from low self esteem,  no confidence , lack of self ability and that is the reason they are not willing to become Entrepreneurs as they just think they cannot do it as they are not worth it. The irony is they are the same people who hold top positions at work, they are working for multinational companies and have experience of between 5 to 40 years, manage dozens of people and above all get head hunted by recruitment companies, as they are immaculate at what they do.

Yet when I speak to them and tell them YES, YOU CAN, I get a reply back. NO I CAN’T.

Occasionally they have had some failed attempts of businesses and its easy to figure out exactly why.

Self Doubt breeds confusion plus physical and mental impairment. The worse kind of self-infliction is to  doubt your own ability.

I have concluded that no matter how influential they are in their respective positions and may have all the capabilities to be the best. They actually do not realise this, they do not know how to bring that confidence out and use it in the outside world. As they lack self-esteem so follows the ability to make money.

This will be major part of your skill building process. I will give you rational understanding of why you deserve to be successful, how the business world works and most of all you become an expert in demanding  a lot of money from your market with relative ease

Negotiation and Sales: Power Negotiations and Profitable Sales, after all what is business without them? I will teach you techniques, where you will be selling thousands of products without actually selling.


We will put your Entire Business together for you, we then show you How we did it, How you can do it and How it all works

This eliminates “trial and error” and reduces the “element of risk” on your part. In other words we do the risk reversal, eradicate assumptions and drastically increase your chance of success


We will build that business for you


Then you and I will come up with your dream business collaboratively

You will know your desired business when we go through your needs, wants, interests, hobbies, passion, purpose, believe, values and identify the real you.

Once the business has been decided we then research your market, the positioning in your market, your product offering, market entry and lot of other factors to make your business a success

We will advise, guide, coach and consult through out business discovery, creation, launch and running

We will setup the technology, systems, workflows, procedures, marketing and general operations of the business, you will love our attention to detail as we will design all the marketing campaigns to the point of choosing the Subject lines for your emails.

We then do the handover with ready and running business

You will have the technology, the training, the intricate knowhow to build a wildly successful business in a very short amount of time.
This power though will remain in your hand

The Technology

We will setup your business on Business Pronto

It’s the Worlds First Entrepreneurship platform
with Instant Business Builder

An online business portal that allows entrepreneurs to start a business instantly and also helps maintain, control, analyse, automate day to day running of every function end to end

A platform that encourages Entrepreneurship Empowerment and helps to run and manage entire business or businesses from the comfort of your desktop or mobile

You will get all the technology necessary for your business to become super successful, We will setup everything, prepare all the email campaigns, social media, landing pages, lead pullers, automate all marketing and connect it all together, everything will be ready and handed to you in a plate

The Technology Setup

Your Website

( user friendly, mobile responsive, retina ready, website built on latest technology )

Most Advanced Marketing Engine

( integrated with your website, it will have email marketing, social media, customer engagement, contact nurturing and tracking, Campaign Marketing & Drip flow Programs, lead scoring )

Marketing & Client Acquisition System

(A system if you deploy properly, it would be pretty impossible not to get clients)

 this will include: list building, self running  campaigns, auto-launcher campaigns,

automated webinar system, cash pulling campaigns, personalisation, goodwill campaigns,

invisible offer,  low hanging fruit campaigns, mid-level campaigns, cold campaigns, closing techniques and much more)

Finance Management

(billing, invoicing, accounting)

Even if you are a novice and the very word technology freaks you out,  then I have news for you

DO NOT WORRY, YOU WILL BE JUST FINE, what we teach you will be as easy as browsing a website

Specialised Knowledge

Two kinds of knowledge

  1. General Knowledge (Beware)

Most commonly used, we put this to the test all the time, its available everywhere but not focused towards making money or business success, in fact this type of knowledge only confuses you and takes you further from your goal. Your source may be books, biographies, internet, news, friends, family or vocational courses. No matter how great in quantity or variety you acquire, it is of little or no use in accumulation of money, success or goals. The faculties of the great universities possess every form of general knowledge known to civilisation. They specialise in teaching knowledge but they do not specialise in the organisation or the use of knowledge.

  1. Specialised Knowledge (tried and tested, specific how to’s )

Knowledge will attract money  only if it is organised and intelligently directed through practical plans of action. Lack of understanding of this fact has confused millions who falsely believe knowledge is power. Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when and if it is organised into definite plans of action, its laser focused and directed to a targeted result of accumulating money. The are ONLY TWO methods to acquire specialist knowledge, one is through personal experience and the other by mimicking the exact experience and tested methods , although this still does not guarantee results but it is the next best thing available to mankind.

Entrepreneur Maker® has been sensibly put together to be directional, relevant, and highly organised. It provides specialist knowledge and converge effort towards your desired  goal in life.



Our self-selling methodology reverses the entire selling process. Where the clients get solicited automatically, they know who you are, what you do and how much you charge before they even get in touch with you.

In fact you may have your clients qualifying

 themselves to you instead

/ We will setup for you and also teach you


  • Smart Negotiations
  • Subconscious Selling
  • Predictive Marketing: your prospects can see it working for them even before they buy it from you by instilling the most powerful buying emotion.
  • Over 70 ways to find and retain customers
  • Over 20 ways to sell at HIGHER & PREMIUM PRICES than your competition
  • How to stand apart from your competition in an over-crowded market
  • – The Promise, The Positioning, The Big Idea
  • Ultimate Offer Formula
  • Product & Service hyper selling formula – appeal, value and compounding
  • Low Hanging fruit clients: feeder system for such clients, these people feel they can trust you, they already know you, they want to do business with you, and don’t require tremendous amount of selling or marketing
  • Mid Level Campaigns: these are prospects who want the solutions you provide but don’t know you personally
  • Cold Campaigns : these are complete strangers who don’t know who you are, might not even know they need the solutions that you have






Good components maketh good business. How a business performs really depends on the strength of its different functions and their seamless flow. We capture the different tasks, convert them into actions, which in turn are converted into workflows, procedures and systems.  Whether it is sourcing products, inventory, procurement, selling products, vetting clients, marketing, or taking payments.

WE AUTOMATE EVERYTHING, so you can work as less as possible.

So, How Does It All Work


I (with your help) create a customised blueprint that is specifically targeted to help you achieve your desired outcome. This blueprint is a detailed understanding of what we are going to create for you. After which my team will develop the business framework based on that blueprint

We love to meet everyone who we work with, and would love to meet you in person

How do we deliver the training ?

While we are busy creating your business you will get trained. Training is delivered through Multiple Modality (Human Interaction + Technology + Post) In other words it will be a combination of Human Teachings (one to one phone sessions, skype, webinar) and 6 electronic delivery methods (Podcasts, You Tube videos, PowerPoint Presentation, E-Content like Blogs, E-Books and Forums), We will also sent transcripts of our phone or skype coaching to you via mail (post) delivery.

You will receive a MEMBER FOLDER which will have training content on few memory sticks , plus printed material (on paper) to read, as you may like to have things to read in hand. This multiple modality covers E-Media for you to access through computers and phones even while you are on the move plus things to read in hand.

Steps & Milestone Summary

Notice we’re just mapping out the big picture. We are not listing all the milestones and not the detail of each milestone.

When we start working for you, we then build the

1)Detailed Framework to reach your desired outcome

2)Create an intelligently directed step by step plan

3)Equip you with the knowledge and skill set

4)Start implementing the directional plan

5)Begin building your dream business

6)Create systems, procedures and workflows

7)Integrate marketing systems

8)Teach you the how to’s and know how’s

9)Train you to run the business

10)Watch you while you start to take control

The Benefits This Course Is Designed To Deliver

Think. Believe. Behave. Become an Entrepreneur

Your New Way of thinking will help you to think profits and help you see the world in a different light

Creating a Hands off Business with minimum management

Generating time and mobility and getting rid of time famine

Relieve from endless, exhaustive daily work routine

Outsource where needed

Creating a fun and profitable business

Business that is unending source of fulfilment

You can potentially double your income, cut your hours in half, double vacation time

De clutter your life, unlearn everything that is detrimental for your new  way of living as an entrepreneur

Acquaint yourself with the NEW VERSIONS of concepts you live and breath daily. How the MODERN DAY RICH make use of time, technology and smart methods to earn, enjoy and have a more productive lifestyle

If you have been cemented to a 9 to 5 rut for years you may have to

reintroduce yourself to your passion, dreams and hobbies

Putting you in Control: What do you want to do,

When you do it

With whom you want to do

Where you want to do

Money practical value: liberating yourself from time and location

Create Immediate Circle Of Support

Selling your dream to your family members
Know who is on your side
Setting the record straight from day one
Entertain No Negativity
No taunts – I told you this wont work
We will help you through this should you need it,
 We have converted some serious sceptics,
 We have no room for them and zero tolerance policy in this training

Criteria : How smart or educated you need to be for this training

Answer: you don’t even need to be a degree or diploma holder

Education: Very basic academics, ability to read and understand mid-level English

Mathematics: Mid-level maths. How to calculate ? add, multiply, divide and how to use a calculator, understanding of units of money and currency. For example: what is tens, thousands, millions and fundamental figures

Technical: Ability to browse websites on the internet, know how to use basic software, email services and social media

More than your academic or vocational background we are looking for the skills that make you the individual that you are.

You should be: Dedicated, consistent, focused, passionate, patient, hard working, non sceptic, willing to learn new skills with a positive attitude towards life and ability to perform under positive pressure. I don’t like negative people no matter what life has thrown at you. So please keep out if you have even a fraction of doubt you will not successfully come through this practical business training, you need to have a positive approach towards life in general and this training in particular.

I have designed this course to be easy, fun, challenging and zero overwhelm. You will see some heavy duty words like psychology, physiology, behavioural dynamics, technology, subconscious selling, core influence, software, financial accounting, scientific marketing, creative intelligence and many other such terms, but none of it is difficult to grasp or comprehend. Not only the difficult words have been explained, they have been translated into the context of how a novice would understand , the practical application for example the software is also very easy to use and you will be fully trained to make full use of every aspect or component of the course.

This is course is not scary, daunting, or illogical.

the only QUICK and LOGICAL way to ACHIEVE your GOALS is to learn from someone who has already CROSSED THE BRIDGE, and is willing to LEND YOU THE HAND to pull you to the other side

Mir Faisal Talpur

/ Exclusive and limited offer

Entrepreneur Maker is the only one of its kind Practical Training Model with Real Business Setup in the world.

It’s a unique offer with very high demand and we can only take on 100 Entrepreneurs at a time, if this is of interest then reserve your seat by getting in touch

There are 3  packages for Entrepreneur Maker Get in Touch For More Info on Price 

This Practical Business Training along

with Dream Business Setup has been designed by


To get in touch:

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Disclaimer for Entrepreneur Maker
  • Intellectual Property, Copyright, Trademarks, course design belongs to Mir Faisal Talpur and his Cinch Group of Companies
  • We are not making any claims or implications that you will be able to achieve any results
  • We will setup the online business for you, along with ready marketing campaigns, and provide you with the all the relevant know-how knowledge of how to run your business, but cannot guarantee your input or work that should go into it which will reveal actual results
    So if you’re looking for one of those “get rich quick” methods, this isn’t it.


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