Faisal Siddiqui- Client Success Story


Client Success Story: From ‘ Corporate Professional ’ to a ‘ Global Businessman’

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Business Setups for Him:

1) a) Testing and Quality Assurance Consultancy to service Clients
b) Training Academy to create good quality testers

2) UK Based Property Investment Company

Training Given

Global Business Setups and how to run them

Back Story: Mr Siddiqui is a man of Quality. The last 20 years of his life have been spent in the Corporate world, Testing Systems and Assuring High Standards of Performance and Deliverability for his Clients. His eye for detail and inverse logic and philosophy of “all is wrong until proven right” has positioned him as the most sought after individual in his niche sector of Testing Software Systems. The industries he has served are: Investment Banking, Telecoms, Defence, Aerospace, Pharma & Transport. Trained to be a sceptic and looking at the world with the eye of a critic, Mr Siddiqui is a hard man to please. He tried a few business ventures but could not move forward because of lack of time, dedication and specialist business knowledge, he was desperately looking for someone who could help.

His Dream: He was tired and bored of his monotonous work routine that he continued for 20 years, he wanted to leave the corporate world and this time serve the sector as a businessman. His vision was to own a few businesses that give him flexibility and liberty to spent time with family, look after his parents and do also do some charitable work.

His Dream Came True: Within 9 months of our introduction, he is now a proud owner of 2 businesses. Out of the 2 businesses, he is getting 3 revenue streams. We launched his businesses in September 2018. He has successfully quit his stressful job and now has the flexibility to work from anywhere, he has already started attracting and serving clients from different parts of the globe.

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