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Entrepreneur Maker is a complete hands-on practicalbusiness training along with a business setup of your choice.I can help you build ….
  • Trust
  • Rapport
  • Traction
  • Authority
  • Reputation
  • Confidence
  • Credibility
  • Relationships
  • Brand Promise
  • Income Streams
  • Power Positioning
  • Loyal Communities

Both On & Offline.

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Entrepreneur Maker

Turning professionals into New Age Entrepreneurs,this practical business training is designed to transform your life and thinking.It gives you hands on training experience with business setup of your choice.


Build a portfolio of diverse businesses and develop the sensory acuity needed to run each one with profound dexterity. You master the art of dynamic switching and become a true maestro of all trades.

Power Preneur

High end business training that will thrust you to new heights. This course gives you the power and confidence to run multiple organisations with ease, increase your influence maximise your growth and position you as the leader.

Mega Maven

You become sanguine and imperturbable about how to run global conglomerates. You not only ace leadership but develop a midas touch. This is the Ultimo Power Uno of creating and leading a movement.

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597Project Completed
350Cups of Coffee
166Award Winning

My Experiences and Skills

Consultancy - 12 years Experience
Marketing , Sales and Media- 16 years Experience
Business Planning and Turnaroud- 10 years Experience
Entreprenuership - 23 years Experience
Property Business- 10 years Experience

Some of My Clients

I'm a Dreamer
Ben HumbleSerial Entrepreneur
I Defy Norms
Irene GotoraEntrepreneur in Making
I Make It Happen
Usman ZafarEntrepreneurfied
Why I Jumped
David NudelmanTech Entrepreneur

Meet The Entrepreneur Maker

Faisal Talpur is the creator of Business DNA, Entrepreneur Maker, Design your life, Powerpreneur, Risk Reversal and other methods created to eliminate hope and inspire natural rythm of business success. His methods promote the rationale needed to cultivate harmony between business and its customers. He is the most sought after turnaround and growth specialist in the Entrepreneur Space.

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