How to create a magical life?


Have you ever wondered what makes our life truly magical, what are those magic moments that can give us the sense of exultation or jubilation, what makes us really really happy, gives us pleasure to the core.

I am blessed as I am able to create truly magical moments in my life and here in this article I will tell you how I did it, and its way simpler than you think.

These moments bring bouts of happiness in our work life and personal life. Now imagine if you had a way of creating many of these magical moments, so many of them that almost your entire day could be filled with them both in your personal life and professional life.

So my work related truly magical moments are when I close a sale or when my team closes a sale, or when we meet certain targets and do product launches and if that launch has gone perfectly as planned, that sense of togetherness and collaborative happiness you enjoy with your team is truly magical and we sincerely and earnestly cherish these moments

But what is even more truly magical for me is when I actually bring happiness in someone else’s life, and this can be commercially related so for example, let’s say your client has been looking for a result for a long time and has been unable to  achieve that result and you make it happen for him, that moment for truth when he has actually experienced his dream outcome is the real magical moment, when you see you have brought serious happiness in his life, it gives you  true pleasure creating that magic moment for you.

Magic moment can also be created when you do good work, so say charity or philanthropic work, someone has some kind of pain and suffering and you help them alleviate that pain through some gesture, this again is a truly magical moment for you and them.

Not only you can work towards creating a truly magical life, but such moments are a sign of good health, they are soul food, make you spiritually inclined and produce healthy chemicals in your body that help you live longer.

So how do you make sure you create a truly magical life? It really is a two-step process.

  1. First, you make yourself aware of those moments that bring magic in your life. Think of some moments that have been truly magical and then make a list of all the moments that you feel would be truly magical for you (both professional and personal)
  2. Start doing more and more of those things that will bring those magic moments in your life, and surround yourself with them to have a truly magical life.

So, this is the ultimate 2 step formula to create it, told you it was simple.

Would love to know what your thoughts are, please share your truly magical moments.

Mir Faisal Talpur

I also make a YouTube video about this topic. Go check it out, it is worth it!