Irene Gotora- Client Success Stories


Client Success Story: From an ‘ African Village Girl ’ to a ‘ Global Entrepreneur ’

Business Setups for her:

1) Nurse Consultancy, hiring & placement service for Hospitals, Care Homes and Health Centres
2) African Women Entrepreneurship

Training Given:

Leadership training and Entrepreneur Mind-set

Back Story: Irene has defied the odds and accomplished something that most would deem impossible. She was born in rural Zimbabwe where even “the poor called them poor”. She came to UK 13 years ago and became a psychiatrist nurse, recently she wanted to quit her high pressured job to pursue her dream. She had bad experience with false promise makers and courses that gave no knowledge or business know how. Her biggest challenge was to find someone who could sincerely help her.

Her Dream: To be an Entrepreneur and boss of her own life, have a relaxed, confident mind-set, working hard to run her business and making a difference into peoples lives.

Her Dream Came True: After meeting her and realising her potential, her training began, now having the Entrepreneurs mind-set she is confidently venturing into a business in healthcare being setup by us, in addition we are laying the ground work for, African Academy for Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship (AAWEE), A concept I came up with, for Irene.

/ What She Says About Me

From  the bottom of my heart, I found a truly amazing mentor in Faisal Talpur. I believe we, Faisal and myself, have now built a strong relationship based on trust and openness. As always Faisal brings  incredible insight, and wisdom  leaving me more motivated and challenged to make this work. I now have a much clearer visual picture of the end. I truly thank him for the mindset transformation he has brought in me.

If anything else, he is Faisal a well informed, seasoned,  compassionate and ethical mentor.

This mentorship has created such a positive dynamic energy and an awareness in me. Faisal’s advice, knowledge and style of impartation of these on each session is so tangibly genuine/ sincere and individualized.

I sincerely am delighted to be mentored by Faisal Talpur.