Let me build a business for you that just works

Let Me Build A Business For You

From:  The Entrepreneurial Hub of Mir Faisal Talpur

To:  The passionate individual who wants to enter the fascinating world of business

Dear Friend

The very term ‘business’ may freak you out and excite you at the same time. You either associate it with feeling of jubilation and a ticket to freedom or disprove it (without a second thought), saying ‘business is not for me’. No matter what goes through your mind you cannot deny the fact that ENTREPRENEURS ARE THE PRESENT-DAY RICH and by rich I mean Time Rich, Resource Rich, Money Rich, Asset Rich, Talent Rich, Personality Rich and Spiritually Rich.

It is undeniable that owning a business transforms ones personality into a Confidence Powerhouse. The very act of being an entrepreneur develops behavioural traits that make you take control of your life, it humbles you as a person and yet instills a leadership attitude, it makes your personality magnetic and offers you Recognition, Significance, Control and Flexibility to plan and lead your life exactly as per your wishes, plus entrepreneurs have the power to make a difference in their society, change lives, shape communities, transform organisations, alter the course of industries and also at the same time care for their loved ones and friends.

It makes your personality magnetic and offers you Recognition, Significance, Control and Flexibility to plan and lead your life exactly as per your wishes.

If you have been meaning to start your own business and have been delaying that business proposition for years because something or the other keeps getting in your way. Here’s the good news, your time to ponder and wonder is finally over.

Here at Entrepreneur Maker, we transform professionals to become entrepreneurs and we build businesses for them end-to-end, from start to launch and beyond. In fact, this is the most detailed, in-depth Business Building Experience available on the market and all of it is Done For You.

I have designed “Entrepreneur Maker” to help people live up to their full potential, to be independent and self-reliant and not to be taken advantage of. You have so much to offer, but may not know how to monetise your ability in the world of business. We TEACH YOU THE ART AND SCIENCE of how to transform your hidden potential into a money-making venture, we don’t stop there. We convert this into a REAL SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS which will be an ASSET you cherish for the rest of your life, YOUR BUSINESS COULD BE your route to freedom that allows you to conquer new heights, influence people and pioneer a movement, expand globally, start a new life that you dream of or even a pension plan to see you through your retirement.

No matter what your vision is, If you are looking to convert your idea, skill, passion, experience, expertise, your current or past professional career into a viable and sustainable business then your fate has brought you to a place where you will meet your heart’s desire, because


Our technology, expertise and experience allow us to build 1,000 DIFFERENT TYPES OF ENTERPRISES, where we develop bespoke, tailor-made ventures according to your specific personality and requirements. So you can call us a Custom-Made Business Building Factory.

Some of the current IN-DEMAND business requests are: 

a) Consulting (no matter what your profession is, it can be converted into a High-End, Cash Rich, Global Consulting Business)

b) Group Coaching

c) Teaching

d) Training

e) Mentoring

f) Masterminds

g) Professional Services like Media Agency, PR Agency, Legal Services, Accounting Services, Logistics, Health Practice, Interior Design and Construction Services to name just a few.

h) or a business combining the above


But first, Who CAN I Help with building a business and who this is for.

This proposal is aimed at serving 4 kind of people:


Corporate Professionals looking for a new way of living – Those who plan to quit their regimented 9 to 5 and design their life on their terms.


Existing Entrepreneurs – looking to start a new venture, or need help with an existing one.


Aspiring Entrepreneurs – or entrepreneurs in the making. Those who have tried a few ventures that did not quite work out but their spirits are stronger than their attempts and they want to hold their head high and give it another shot.


Semi-Retired Individuals – who gave up work some years ago and want to get their glory back by converting their professional career into business or starting a new venture with a new idea.


What’s Stopping You

Let’s see, there are a few reasons why you are not in business already OR not being able to take your existing business to the next level


You don’t know Where to Start and What It Takes to implement and build a business.


You don’t know What Business To Get Into but you are passionate about starting one.


The Fear Of The Unknown is keeping you from taking a leap of faith.


The Unpredictability of not having a regular paycheque every month sends chills through your spine.


Your Lack Of Understanding Of How Business Works and many unanswered questions like, will it work for you? Whether you are capable to run it? Stops you in your tracks.


If you are already in business then you may not know The Missing Ingredient that can make it happen OR you have tried several things but nothing seems to work.

All of the above setbacks have been keeping you away from your Desired Destination in Life, so now it’s time to take action and move forward.

Let me give you the good news. I am someone who has experienced both the highs and lows of a professional career and business. Now being an Entrepreneur for 11 years with 5 businesses to my name, I can vouch and say, ‘hand on heart’ the grass is much greener on this side, BUT hear me loud and clear, “ONLY IF YOU CLEARLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN BUSINESS AND HAVE THE DEEP KNOW-HOW OF HOW TO DO IT RIGHT” …

This Is Where We Come In

I have spent most of my entrepreneurial life discovering what makes a true entrepreneur, what makes them successful and what makes them influential. What gives businesses the edge to dominate their markets, the ultimate winning formula, and what makes them stress free, thriving and sustainable.


What follows below is something that you have never come across before, no fluff, no build up, no shenanigans. I have done this several times while implementing my own businesses and those of my clients. This is how I will create a sustainable and risk-free business for you.

I will FIRST explain what you will get as part of Your Business Infrastructure and later I’ll explain who I am and exactly how we do it.

Here’s what you get in Your Business Construct

A Custom Made Business of Your Choice that fits your lifestyle like a glove. Imagine every single piece of work that is needed to build your business, now multiply your imagination by 1,000 times, all in its entirety Will Be Done For You.

To bring your business to LIFE, we develop methods, systems, processes, procedures, workflows, frameworks, blueprints, marketing assets and marketing campaigns from start to finish, this will enable you to run your business with relative ease. So much to the point that it’s all Ready-To-Go, you will just press the GO button to launch and run your business.

Our Business Construct Methodology is creative, innovative, intelligent and extremely advanced and I don’t just mean the technology. We have questioned and analysed every single move a business makes, its approach and its decision-making process, and replaced it with contemporary reality of WHAT WORKS TODAY.


The entire business paradigm has changed from securing the products to attracting, speaking and selling to your clients. Business processes have reformed, marketing methods have evolved, clients’ attitudes and behaviors have matured, employee-owner relationships have advanced and sadly most businesses still run in the past.

We Design, Create, Implement and Deploy the business end to end so all you are left to do is, RUN IT. Of course, we show you how to run it as well. The most beautiful aspect of our BUSINESS ENGINEERING is that you will never get to see the complexity. Imagine driving a world class car, you never have to get involved with what is under the bonnet, just a few easy manoeuvres and you are off to the races. So the way you will run your business is by way of pressing few buttons, as not only will most of your business will be automated but you will get a slick Dashboard (we call the Cockpit) to give complete control in the palm of your hand no matter where in the world you are.

/ Your Business Choices:

The Business You Want To Get Into Can Be:
  • An Idea or Concept you have in mind.
  • Converting your current career/job/work/profession into a business.
  • Transforming your skills, expertise and experience into a viable business.
  • Turning your interests, hobbies or passion into a money-making venture.
  • And yes, we have the in-house expertise and technology to build about 1,000 types of businesses, so you will have plenty to choose from in case you find yourself short of options.

/ Who Owns Your Business and What it’s not?

The business we create for you is for life. YOU OWN IT OUTRIGHT 100%. It’s NOT a franchise or a royalty based business where you keep on giving me monthly or yearly share of sales. It’s yours to own and keep, now and forever, and by the way, this is not some sort of affiliate partnership either, you never have to sell anything for me, I am pretty good at that myself. This is not an MLM (multi- level marketing), A Get Rich Quick scheme or one of those situations where ‘without putting in any real work, money magically appears in your bank account’.

This is a Real Business Setup for a Real Entrepreneur for the Real World.

From Concept through to Revenue Generation, not a single stone is left unturned. Just to give you the scope of work, we carry out 5,000 well defined tasks and approximately 1,000 hours of work to bring your Entire Business To Life. So you can imagine the attention to detail, and we do it all in-house (within my company), nothing is outsourced, I repeat, NOTHING is outsourced. This is my company’s intellectual property and we are proud of it. We build your entire business from Start to Finish and remain with you after Launch until you start to secure clients.

The depth and profundity throughout the
Business Building process is uncanny

Our Length of Relationship Will Last from Yes to Yes – A Full Circle

The length of our relationship will last from the time you say….

‘YES, Go Ahead Build Me My Dream Business’ ,until you scream with excitement ‘YES, I Secured My First Client’. I will not only build your business but help you to get your first few clients. We remain on board post launch to reform, refine, tweak and alter output, to optimise productivity, calibrate performance and maximise effectiveness.

Although Market Receptiveness would have been tested way earlier at the research stage, We continue to perfect the marketing messages, systems, workflows and procedures after you go to market and start making sales, as certain things are best tested and improvised in real life environment, post launch.

In a nutshell, you are getting the best of


On how to run your business without any fuss or difficulty.

Technology Powerhouse:

You will get all the technology needed to run your entire operation from anywhere, anytime.


To reduce the number of repetitive and mundane tasks, increase productivity and efficiency, no more chasing clients, they will come to you.

Systemic Workflow and Procedures:

To streamline interactions between you and your customer and put all the tasks generated into a sequential flow of work to eliminate overwhelm and reduce stress.

Inbuilt Business Process Management:

This will smooth out your day to day running so you can run your business like a breeze.

Business Concept Formulation:

The mechanism through which we convert your offering into a real life, money making proposition.

Hyper Selling Product / Service Design:

My framework that packages your offering to delight and surprise your clients. It makes your offering appealing, irresistible, creates demand and generates intrigue within your marketplace, enticing people to do business with you.

Influential Marketing:

Modern day marketing that uses psychology and inspiration to indoctrinate your prospects and have them flocking to buy from you.

/ Running and Managing your business will be as easy as 123.....

The reason we use complicated elements to build your Back End infrastructure is so you don’t have to. All of the above is nicely wrapped into an easy going flow of work that you manage from the tip of your fingers using the Front End (Your Dashboard). Even if you are not technology savvy, as long as you know how to browse websites, read emails and handle the basic use of smartphones, you will be able to run your entire business from the comfort of anywhere, anytime.


/ An Earnest Promise

I will do for you EXACTLY what I did for myself, you will get all that I know, and I won’t hold back, I PROMISE.

But why would I do this? Why would I give you my best kept business secrets, my knowledge, my expertise, my business acumen, the prowess to run successful businesses, the ability to make good judgements and take quick decisions.

Let me share with you the magnitude:

The amount of intelligence that will be crammed into your business took me approximately

  • 11 years of active listening, learning and business experimentation.
  • Millions of pounds of trial and error to understand what really works and what doesn’t in business today.
  • 10 different types of technologies tried and tested and failed.
  • 100,000 hours of work between me and my team to understand human behaviour, what drives purchase decisions and make people buy, in other words, “HOW TO GET IT RIGHT IN BUSINESS and HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR”.

It has been so expensive to acquire the DEEP KNOW-HOW, then why would I part with all that knowledge and hand it over to you on a plate?

Here’s My Reason Why:

I believe any Work or Business that does not give you satisfaction and fulfilment is not worth striving for. Satisfaction comes from contentment which comes from internal happiness, and true internal happiness ONLY comes from the notion of helping others. Fulfilment on the other hand, comes from achievement, and the true sense of achievement can only be enjoyed when you see those who you have taught becoming successful in their respective lives, so the ONLY way I can assure YOU achieve success is by making sure I EQUIP YOU WITH ALL THAT IS REQUIRED for you to succeed which is why I will transfer the necessary knowledge over to you, unconditionally.

I will let you in on a secret

I am not doing this for you. I am doing this for myself because ‘I harness my Personal Passion and Drive by enabling others to achieve Their Maximum Potential’. I Just Love Empowering People. It gives me great joy to make Their Dreams Come True, to Make It Happen for Them, to Bring Them Out Of Their Introvert Shell and Demonstrate Their Potential to the World.

The idea is to equip you with all the necessary information, methods and tools that will enable you to achieve complete independence, gain prestige and significance in your life, make you self-sufficient, self-supporting, self-sustaining and self-reliant, so you don’t depend on anyone for your livelihood or sustenance. It should mentally and physically prepare you to gain a Name, Fame, Credibility, Prominence and Influence in your respective sector and if my work with you can help you achieve your life goals then I would have done myself proud.

So here I am, doing what is satisfying and fulfilling for me. In the process, I help people to achieve their dreams plus I get paid for it. Life doesn’t get better than that. By the way, this is one of the Business Success Formula’s which is exactly what we will apply and teach you while putting together a business for you.

“So you will do what you love, you will help your clients achieve what they want by adding genuine value to their lives, and as a result you will get paid for it”


/ What can a business help you achieve?

The Biggest Question i have had to ask myself is WHAT DO I REALLY WANT from a business? And the answer I got was:

I want to run a stress-free business that gives me abundant take-home income with minimum work input. A business that allows me to live the life I want, the way I want it and most importantly, my work should not feel like work, it should be fun, enjoyable and contribute to my life and most importantly the lives of my clients, community and society.

Just these 6 sentences have taken me the good part of 7 years to bring to life, and that’s exactly what I will be doing for you but only in 4 months. So now read this paragraph for yourself

What we create for you is LIBERATING:

A stress-free business that gives you a more than ample income to take home (after you have paid all your taxes and commitments) with the least possible effort. A business that will not consume your valuable time and is designed to suit your ideal lifestyle. It will give you recognition, influence, a ‘sense of purpose’, a perspective in life, it will drive you toward a satisfying future, it will become your new identity and a deep belief that you will live by.

It will be fun, satisfying, and encourage you to live the life of your dreams, spend time with your loved ones, pursue your interests, hobbies, philanthropic endeavours and most importantly, be a real contributor to your clients, your marketplace and everything that comes in that space.

By now you are thinking all this is good, but BUSINESS IS RISKY, so how do we ensure we REDUCE AND REVERSE the inevitable?

 Taking the risk out of the Business Equation by Introducing New Business Dimensions

We have Re-Engineered the Business Dynamics to Build Recession Proof Businesses

I came into the business world in 2007, just before Credit Crunch, and within a few months the UK Economy started spiralling downwards into a deep recession, so I had to paddle very hard to survive, you can imagine that with no previous business experience, I was thrown right at the deep end. I had to figure out hundreds of things instantly to make my businesses work, and then a miracle happened; step by step I turned it all around within a few months.

Once I had figured out the underlying fundamentals and what MAKES or BREAKS businesses, everything started to come together. I GREW my businesses during the worst financial crisis the UK has ever seen in its history from 2008 to 2013.  This gave me the experience of building Recession Proof businesses. When other companies were filing for bankruptcy and going out of existence, I was SCALING UP my organisation, employing more people, expanding globally and in fact, I started acquiring and purchasing other businesses that were in trouble. This move was to give us immediate exponential growth and give us a bigger market share with deeper penetration into our target markets. In other words during times when the global economy was shrinking we were expanding. The good news for you is, I have inbuilt my Recession Proofing Mechanics within the business framework that we will use to build your business.

Our businesses are designed to weather the storms. There are 3 major components to building a recession proof business and here they are:

Component One: Building a harmonic Business Eco-System

I have turned conventional business wisdom on its head; this game changing concept converts the uniqueness of an individual’s core identity into a personality based business. Engineered to eliminate hope and assure success in business, this framework reverses how we do business today, it challenges the traditional methods of building a business by introducing conformity between the entrepreneur, his offerings and his target market segment, creating a Stress Free Business Eco-System. This method is now being successfully used to transform working professionals into entrepreneurs as it comes with training of how to think, behave and act like an entrepreneur.

Engineered to eliminate hope and assure success in business, this framework reverses how we do business today

Component Two: Engineering a Crisp and Clear Megaphone for Business Proofing

By Megaphone, I mean, the spreading of your message to your global audience. Most individuals or companies cannot communicate what they believe in or what they have. How do you develop the best product or service that solves the BIGGEST PROBLEM your market has right now? How can you surprise and delight your customers? How do you make it irresistible? How do you create intrigue around your offering?

Let’s say you have your product, and it’s the best product, How do you offer it to the market?  How do you make it appealing and valuable? How do you generate demand? How do you drive purchase decisions? How do you indoctrinate complete strangers to become your raving fans? How can you make sure you get heard amidst the clutter and noise? How do you stand out from your competition? How do you become the trusted, authority in your marketplace? How do you position yourself in the market? How do you become the key person of influence?

If you become like most companies, it’s about them and what they want, they tell us what to do, they tell us what we need, they tell us they have the answer but they all look the same, they behave the same, they say the same things, (all accountants, law firms, IT companies, media and marketing agencies, banks, insurance providers look identical), they do not inspire you (as a customer) or command your loyalty, IT’S ABOUT THEM AND NOT YOU, they use manipulation techniques to sell to you. The markets are saturated with companies who mirror each other, they use the same logic, they fight on price, service, quality, features and benefits. So when we build your business, we inverse the logic and do THE EXACT OPPOSITE of how conventional businesses are built. This means a war on price will not put your business out of existence, you will not have to battle it out on features, service, quality and benefits. This also means the more saturated the market, the MORE YOU WILL STAND OUT.

The answer is to FIRST, get your product right, SECOND, get your message right, and THIRD, publicise your message in your marketplace with clarity, consistency, discipline, with your CORE values and guiding principles. Your messages should identify with your beliefs. Let’s not forget business is about people, PEOPLE BUY PEOPLE, people buy WHY you do what you do. Your messages have to relate and resonate with your target audience as if you are the ONE and ONLY person who can help and save them, and this comes with building a BOND with your marketplace, making that CONNECTION, instilling TRUST and demanding LOYALTY. Your message needs to magically appear in front of your EXACT AUDIENCE who is in desperate need of it at that precise moment, nothing seals a deal better than prompt timing.

We build a loud and clear megaphone by which you will speak to your audience. LOUD ENOUGH to reach your precise audience, no matter where in the world they are. CLEAR ENOUGH so there is no ambiguity in what you are proposing and how they are perceiving. Companies put too much weight on their products and services as those bring in the money. They may drive sales but they alone do not create loyalty.

It is your company’s culture, your values, your belief, the purpose of your business and your cause when perpetually voiced along with your reason for existence is what will make you different from the others.

Your business will have a piece of your personality, and this will be the message that will come out of the megaphone to resonate with those who can relate and identify with who you are, what you do and why you do it. Your product and service will become the tangible representation of what they themselves believe in, allowing your products to become part of their lives or business, once they accept your product or service in their existence wholeheartedly they become your customers for life.

We engineer a loud and clear megaphone which is exceptionally good at communicating your story, your product, and who you are trying to help. This way those who believe what you believe become your customers plus they also help spread the word, you build a loyal follower-ship and these are the people who remain faithful to you in your good times and bad times, they will help your business survive through any crisis or recession. The Business Structure we build for you will help you achieve a ‘loyal customer following’ making your business recession proof. The other advantage of creating a Clearly Amplified Message Delivery System is that it gives you the Instant Ability to Change your message if times are tough, so in case you need to alter, tweak, reform or refine your product or service provision, you can do that instantly and let the whole world know how the dynamics of your business are changing in REAL TIME, this means you are always connected with your audience.

We engineer a clear and loud megaphone which is exceptionally good at communicating your story, your product, and who you are trying to help.

Component Three: Eliminating Risk and Enhancing Success

What if there was a Sure-Fire Formula in business, certain to succeed?

I have identified an almost exhaustive list of factors that make up the “deciding elements” between business success and failure, there are over 250 major factors and 1,000 underlying factors that make a business successful. We first painstakingly identified those factors because no book or education in the world gives you a comprehensive list of things that work or don’t work in business and then we fine-tuned, tweaked and optimised them for success.

We analysed, scrutinised and dissected the reasons for failure and Redesigned BUSINESS Back To Front where:

  • Common mistakes made by entrepreneurs were Eradicated
  • Reasons for business failure were Eliminated
  • Problems that drive business to the ground were Erased
  • Common causes of entrepreneurs struggle were Scrapped

Contemplate this. We took over a 1,000 elements that contribute to business failure and re-wrote the business rules for them, we redesigned, re-engineered, remodelled the entire business framework Back to Front, with the End in Mind, with the ability to sense danger and predict vulnerability.

From conventional ways to Intelligent Risk-Free methods, This is Business Redefined. We have minimised the risk by eliminating hope and injecting surety.

What if we redesigned, re-engineered, remodelled the entire business framework Back to Front, with the End in Mind, with the ability to sense danger and predict vulnerability.

This is how we do it at Entrepreneur Maker

We don’t just build ANY business. We custom make the business according to your psychographics, cognitive belief system and behavioural dynamics and we don’t just give ANY training, we deep dive into your current mind-set and find out exactly who you are and what your DESIRED OUTCOME in life is, and then BUILD THE BRIDGE by way of


1) Implanting the right thought process of how an Entrepreneur should think

2) Teaching the necessary skills and

3) Building the right business

We also engineer goodwill in your marketplace as such that potential customers are willing to do business with you and are eager to qualify themselves to you to become your client. This unique framework reverses the conventional wisdom that present-day businesses are built on. You won’t be making cold calls or going out begging for clients, they will approach you to do business with you.

Distinctive methods developed by myself inspire, motivate and energise you from your INNER CORE outwards, this means your passion takes precedence over work. Work is not work that you tire from, and there is no frustration, just the pure and simple joy of doing what you enjoy doing every single day. It’s something that you do for the love of it and in the process make good money for yourself and your family. You will spend much less time and earn considerably more.

the businesses we create come with following as standard.

  • Fun to work
  • Stress-Free Abundance
  • Healthy Income Generation for take home income
  • High Profitability with good margins
  • Consistent and Predictable Cash flow
  • Regular Recurring Revenue
  • Designed around your lifestyle
  • Freedom, liberty, flexibility to work anytime
  • Geographic Mobility to work from anywhere
  • Geographic Independence [ can be domiciled in any country ]
  • In Built Recession proofing
  • Truly Global [can run locally and expand globally]
  • Hyper Growth Scalability [geared for immediate expansion or retrenchment]
  • Low management and running cost [ can be run by one person or as a team of many people]
  • Optimised for Productivity and Efficiency [20 hours of work will reveal better results than 60 hours of work]
  • In Built Performance Handling
  • Automation

Who is this training and business setup for?

Although we can setup and implement businesses for anyone who is passionate about becoming an Entrepreneur I have highlighted some below

  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Accountant
  • Actuary
  • Architect
  • Banker
  • Civil Servant
  • Dentist
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Doctors
  • Engineer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Evaluator
  • Financial planner
  • Insurance professional
  • Investment manager
  • IT consultant
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer/Solicitor
  • Management consultant
  • Marketer
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician
  • Registered nurse
  • Security Specialist
  • Surgeon
  • Teachers
  • Technician
  • Training and development
Skilled Trade
  • Hairdressers
  • Nurses
  • Mechanics
  • TV / Radio Presenters
  • Taxi drivers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Fashion designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Dental / Medical assistants
  • Chef and Head cooks
  • Medical technicians
  • Paramedics
  • Well Being Coaches
  • Travel and Tourism Industry Professionals
  • TV / Media Professionals
  • CEO, Management Executives, Project managers in any field
  • Members from public bodies
  • People from educational institutes
  • Business Owners, Factory Owners, Manufacturers
  • Other skilled industrial, construction and service trades

The Building Blocks of Your Business

Building the business of your dreams:

The probability of how successful you will be in business tomorrow can be gauged by your choice of business today; this means you can decide NOW whether you want to embark on a ship that will successfully reach its harbour or sink in the treacherous conditions midway, and it’s very simple to ensure you choose the right path and here’s how to do it.

‘If your business is fuelled by your love of fulfilling your ultimate dream, and if dream involves helping people solve their problems with the skills you have been gifted with then that is The Ultimate Formula for your dream business, because you will never tire from your dream and that will be your propellant to drive you from inside’.

To achieve forever success your inner core (your real self) needs to be congruent with what you want to achieve in life. Your business has to concur with your belief systems, your values, what you stand for and what you stand against. You can only disseminate trust in your marketplace when you know yourself inside out, when you trust who you are and what you can achieve.

We will help you discover where your passion lie, the things that matter to you and what you feel will bring you true happiness and peace of mind. We really dig deep into what you really want, what do you dream of, what would be your ideal life, what you are failing to achieve, why you are failing to achieve it, what success means to you, what’s your desired outcome and then create a pathway to help you achieve it.

Once we know who you really are, we then mutually discuss the business type that will suit your intrinsic personality that is harmonious to your thought process and then disseminate your beliefs through your business to your audience. This is when the true magic starts to happen. When you truly know what you want, and are in sync with your inner believe systems you end up doing the right kind of business and magnetically attract the right kind of clients. THIS IS REALLY POWERFUL AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ENGINEER.

This is when business doesn’t feel like business, work feels like enjoyment, you are excited about what you do. you want to do more and more of it, it then multiplies and grows. There is no anxiety, no stress, no confrontations, your clients become your best friends and you look forward to every interaction with them. You are in perfect harmony and in peace with yourself and your money matters.

Designing your Dream life:

We build breathable businesses. We take into account that you are you are an individual who has a life outside of work or business. The secret to having a successful business is that it SHOULD NOT CONSUME YOU instead it should work for you and not vice versa.

Sadly this is where the majority of the people get it wrong. They get into business thinking they will get more time, freedom, luxury and income only to realise they got it all wrong, and now they have escaped one situation (their jobs) to get themselves into another bigger mess (their business).

The Key is to have a business that is Designed Around Your Lifestyle, a business that enhances the very virtue of happy living, it complements your personality and augments the reality of you living the life exactly how you want it.

I have designed my business building framework to bring harmony and tranquillity in your life. A perfect combination of work, your personal life, your family life, your social and societal commitments. After we have helped identified the real you and what is it that you actually want, We will help YOU DECIDE all the parameters and protocols you want to set for your life and business. It is not only about giving you flexible working hours but most importantly to enhance natural balance and create a business that conforms with your ultimate desires.

During conceptualisation of your business, we factor in over 50 essential elements that are vital for your personal happiness and fulfilment. These factors will capture your intrinsic values and emphasise the way you want to lead the rest of your life. A small sample of considerations made while building your business is: where in the world would you like to live? What does your ideal day look like? What time would you start work? How much time do you want to spend with your loved ones? What causes would you pursue? What would you do for personal fulfilment? Where and how often would you like to go on holiday?

Your Story:

Discovering the real you, understanding your passion, your outcome, first WHY then WHAT and HOW. What you stand FOR and what you stand AGAINST, aligning you to be congruent with your purpose, cause, believes and values. Identifying your likes and dislikes, what you like to have more of and what you like to have less of (in life).


Building your influence by developing your character, your backstory, your legend, your superpowers and the overall purpose and desired outcome.

Stress Free business life:

Once we know the very fabric make up of your thought process, then we design the entire business that is congruent with your belief system. This will pull clients who concur with your thoughts, your ideas, your ethos, they believe in what you believe, their morals are in par with yours.

We Engineer the perfect ecosystem for you on the internet

We then create the right ecosystem to attract and accommodate the exact type of client you want to deal with, since we create the ideal environment for your perfect client they then naturally get drawn without much convincing, this breeds healthy business and promotes natural growth. These clients get attracted through your subconscious via your physical business. They will concur with your belief system and be magnetised by your persona and behaviour and we engineer all of this for you.

The 15 Steps to make your dream business come to life

# 1: Highly Customized – Personality Based Business

Your business is designed and created such that it is in perfect harmony with your inner identity and reflects your strengths and personality

  • It is inspired by your uniqueness and projects your distinctiveness
  • Makes you more magnetic to the type of clients you like, your ideal prospects
  • Repels the clients you would not like

In other words we collaboratively, with your help, conceptualise a business which is in perfect harmony and sync with your INNER self. Such a business augments your confidence and promotes your attitude, it is designed to subconsciously pull customers that are your perfect fit, those who coincide with your values and ethos and share similar believes, this way you get a business that has less stress and does not need too much convincing or campaigning to get clients, imagine your customers are like minded, your best match, how good is that.

You only ever deal with your ideal perfect clients

When you deal with clients that are congruent with your core identity then there is no stress.  Imagine doing business with people you actually like to be surrounded by, clients who think like you, behave like you, respect you and love you, for them, you are the ultimate answer to their pressing problems.

There is a lot of sharing, caring, and warmth. This will cultivate trust, rapport, credibility, and utmost loyalty.

# 2: Market Research

Conceptualising an excellent product, finding the market that can genuinely benefit from it, then sending the right marketing message to those people at the right time

  • Creating the right product for your market [the silver bullet: a simple and seemingly magical solution to your markets complicated problem ]
  • Risk reversal techniques, your business plan back to front
  • Serving an existing market
# 3: Product or Service Creation

The function of your business is to help other people get the results they want.

Collaboratively we will build something truly amazing to offer your customers. When we build a simple and seemingly magical solution to a complicated problem; we will intuitively and immediately know how to go about selling it to the customers. This will give us instant focus and instant plan of action because what you will have is so important to both you and your end user.

If you have the best product,  a product that could truly revolutionise the lives of the people who used it. It makes their lives easier, more fun, more engaging with others and more entertaining, a revolutionary amazing product that solved the biggest problem they were facing at that point in time.

Development of, the creation of, and the offering of products that truly provide a magical solution to their problem is the holy grail of a successful business. A product so exceptionally good, your customers have an experience which is extraordinary. A product so exceptionally good, when the customers have it, they say to themselves, how could we have possibly lived without it?

Products that are truly viewed by your customers as miraculous, amazing, revolutionary, life-changing, and provide the most value to them as possible. What your prospects are looking for is more results. They want a specific result, if your product or service provided them with that result instantly, more efficiently and with an experience, they will remember this and cherish it. If the use of your product or service leaves an everlasting effect on them, you will have them returning for more, they become your raving fans and toot your horn all the time.

We will work on your product or service and how it can quickly and efficiently improve the results you are delivering to your clients. When we do this excellently, we have discovered that formula for that type of incredible result that you can guide your customer to. Apart from the CORE TARGETTED MARKETING, All the exceptional marketing that you will need becomes secondary. This imaginary perception that we need a million followers on Twitter or more likes to our Facebook pages falls away and you realise, ok here’s what I have got, something truly revolutionary that can help people and a simple set of goals and a plan of action to help as many people as I can. This is exactly what we will sit and do with you.

The above formula works for pretty much anything. Using this we can convert Your Own Expertise into a High-End Consulting Business providing Highly Desirable Service to your marketplace.

# 4: Making Business Viable & Sustainable

We would have successfully created a phenomenal product or service when you can efficiently guide your customer toward an end result, which will provide massive transformational value in their life

That’s when you have something that is truly worth marketing, then you have truly something that is worth building a business around, and then you have the foundation of long-term success, and long-term contribution, both to your bank account and to the positive lives of other people and that of yours, and that is the most important thing that you can possibly, as a business strive for.

# 5: Marketing Messaging

Once we are done with focusing on how we can get the best results and the most efficient results possible for your customers through the creation of this appealing product or service, then we will focus on marketing. How can we get the right message about this excellent product to the right people at the right time? The marketing messages will be designed to attract, indoctrinate and qualify the right people, it will be designed to put the right message, of your well-designed product or service in front of the right eyeballs at the perfect time.

The marketing messages will be part of a well-designed campaign engineered to build goodwill, credibility, and authority in your marketplace.

#6: Marketing Assets Creation

We meticulously craft marketing assets that help you in sales and generate you money. These assets are built with psychological triggers that provoke buying behaviour and inspire purchase decision making in humans.  We then carefully and strategically place them to create a buzz around your business, gain traction, attain momentum and get people to come to you ready and lined up to do business with you.

They are called assets as they are designed to initiate the process of money exchange between you and your prospective buyer. These marketing assets have 6 main functions, they bring your marketing messages to life, they convert complete strangers (who don’t know you) into regular buyers (who can’t stop talking about you), they are carefully planted to magnetically attract the right kind of customers to your business, they help in establishing your authority, credibility and prominence in your marketplace, they create trust and bond with your ideal prospects, and lastly they are a continual source of engagement and keeping your customers hooked and interested.

  • E-Books
  • Forums
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Landing Pages
  • Webinar Framework
  • Blogs with helpful articles
  • Professional Photography
  • Email List Building Process
  • i-Cards and Photo-messages
  • Whitepapers and Reveal Reports
  • Videos Sales Framework and Creation
  • Ready sequential campaigns to captivate your market
  • Email Marketing Templates with Ready Subject lines and Body Content

Some options above are available according to the type of business

#7: Client Sourcing and Procurement System with Marketing Engine - No selling involved

After your initial effort, the marketing systems will do all the work. This means you will never be making any cold calls or use any unsolicited ways of approaching your client, Our marketing systems are designed to line up your perfect prospects to QUALIFY THEMSELVES TO YOU AND DISCUSS THE OPPORTUNITY TO WORKING WITH YOU, which means you will never be chasing clients, you will not be scrimping, devaluing or begging for business.

We will set up for you plus teach you:

  • Leads Nurturing
  • Leads Harnessing
  • Leads Qualification: Sales Funnels that self-qualify the prospects and convert them into leads
  • Ready Campaigns (these will cover all types of potential buyers from strangers who don’t know you to people who already know you well)
    • Low Hanging Fruit: To attract people who know you, aware of the solution you have and are highly likely to have a degree of interest in it
    • Mid-Level: To attract people who don’t know you, but know they need a solution that you have
    • Cold Campaigns: Converting complete strangers into buyers, these are people who do not know you and may not know they need a solution
  • Goodwill Campaigns: to generate goodwill in your marketplace
  • Customer Re-Engagement and Re-Targeting (once they come into your world, these campaigns will keep them happy, engaged and connected so they don’t forget about you).
  • Sales Funnel – used for filtering, segmentation, personalisation, qualification of your customer without you lifting a finger
# 8: Technology

We will be using technology to deliver the right marketing message, about your excellent product, to the right market at the optimum time, technology will become our best friend in spreading our marketing message more effectively and quickly. You are getting an

  • Industry Leading Website (user-friendly, mobile responsive, retina ready, website built on latest technology)
  • Most Advanced Marketing Automation Engine ( integrated with your website, it will have email marketing, social media, customer engagement, contact nurturing and tracking, Campaign Marketing & Drip flow Programs, lead scoring and a lot more)
  • Marketing & Client Acquisition & On-Boarding System (A system, that if you deploy properly, it would be pretty impossible not to get clients, this will include: list building, self-running campaigns, auto-response campaigns, automated webinar system, cash campaigns, personalisation, goodwill campaigns, low hanging fruit campaigns, mid-level campaigns, cold campaigns, client closing techniques and much more)
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management (vendors, opportunity management, calendar, projects, documents, sales, a lot more)
  • Finance Management (billing and invoicing)
  • Appointment Booking System
  • Business Emails
  • E-Payments
  • Automation in place with almost hands-free operations & marketing    (everything related to technology and systems will be put in place for you so you won’t have to do anything, as I said earlier, just press the buttons and you are rolling.)
#9: Market Positioning

We position your products or services to be High in Demand, Exclusively Available and aimed to service the TOP-END of the market. This naturally positions you as a provider of good quality products and services. The real advantage of positioning you right at the top is that there is less competition, you are exposed to buyers of high repute and prestige, plus you can charge them premium prices. They understand, ‘You get what you pay for’, they understand the value of high priced provision. They don’t mind paying more for quality, luxury, convenience or good problem-solving skills. Your Power Positioning in the market allows you to demand more money from your market, as you give them more value. So, it’s a real win-win for all.

This also means you don’t have to deal with the low end of the market where demanding customers cannot pay you, as either, they don’t have the money or cannot afford your products or service.

  • Power Positioning of your product in the market
  • High Product positioning in your prospects mind
  • High Position among your competitors
#10: Your Celebrity Authority Positioning

Having unwavering authority in your marketplace changes the entire dynamics of your business; you are regarded as the master of your field and become The Go To Person for the specific need that you fulfil.  This adds a lot of clout augments credence and instils confidence amongst your prospects. Your business will be built by imbibing the true value of what triggers human emotions to engage in business with you and you will be given the detailed framework to forever continue building the following in your marketplace. You will love the process of suddenly getting known and respected for what you provide as a solution.

Using my methods you will build the following in your marketplace

  • Trust
  • Traction
  • Rapport
  • Authority
  • Reputation
  • Confidence
  • Credibility
  • Relationships
  • Brand Promise
  • Income Streams
  • Power Positioning
  • Loyal Communities
#11: Automating your entire business

yes, Auto -Income that’s what we are talking about.

Although the idea is to give you a self-running business, this does not mean it is completely hands-off,  and definitely doesn’t apply that you will do nothing and the money will magically appear in your bank account. You will need to put in the hours, but machines and systems will take over most of the work for you, I give about 20 hours per week to my 5 businesses, that is the power of automation.

You will be getting

  • Auto Invoicing
  • Sales Automation
  • Workflow Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Support Automation
# 12: Training You to run your business

We not only implement and deploy the business for you, but we also train you to be very proficient in running your business thereon, you will know all we know.

  • How to run, manage and grow your business
  • How to negotiate
  • How to close clients, (clients will be attracted through marketing, most of which will be automated)
  • How to handle technology
  • How to run your entire operation end to end

All you will need to do is just push the button for all systems go.

# 13: Going To Market - The Launch
  1. Although WE WILL SET ALL THE CAMPAIGNS, you will still be taught how to GENERATE LEADS THROUGH ADVERTISING, meaning you place an ad to get the segment of the population who are highly likely to benefit the most right now from your product, and those who are keenly interested in your product.

2.  We will teach you how to use good marketing and salesmanship TO CONVERT THESE LEADS INTO CUSTOMERS. When you have a truly amazing product you don’t have to really use that spectacular marketing ability and salesmanship in order to convert those leads into customers, you simply show them the benefits of your product.I will give you complete steps that you need to go through to convert your leads into customers. Here is a taster

  • Step 1: Here’s what I have got, you present the product.

Our Exposure Marketing will cover this by carefully making your perfect product magically appear in front of your laser target audience.

  • Step 2: Here’s what it will do for you

(you show them how they will get the results they want by using your product or service), I will provide you with the exact framework.

  • Step 3: Here’s what I want you to do next, which is order the product. That’s all there is to it, assuming your product is truly a good product, and can truly help them.

3. DELIGHT YOUR CUSTOMERS: not just satisfying your customers BUT delighting your customers. You will do that by exceptional customer service and more importantly by having an exceptionally good product to begin with.

#14: The Handover and aftercare

We do the perfect handover for you to launch the business and go to market.

However, we won’t leave you just yet, we let you take control and watch you while your business starts to gain some momentum.

As I mentioned earlier this is not a franchise, we create the business for you and you get to keep 100% of it, with no fall backs or ties or contracts, we will only remain in the background should you ever need us.

# 15: BONUS - Our best kept secret - A Step By Step Plan For You to Make Your First Million

It’s an extraordinary Marketing Action Plan (MAP) that is distributed into tasks, weeks, goals, checklists and teaches you exactly how the big boys do it step by step. It is directional and specific and provides complete clarity on how to gradually penetrate into your market.

This is a plan that has been inspired by methods and techniques used by a company that sold for $200 million and has been deployed by other internet giants to gain market share and claim dominance of their niche sector.

By now, you will be equipped with all that you will need to make it happen, this will mean nothing should stop you from breaking barriers and challenging norms of your niche sector.

PRE-LAUNCH: we along with you will use this plan before your business launch

FOREVER MARKETING: you can CONTINUE to use this plan after business launch to help you break your first million revenue thresholds.

When we Build Your Business by implementing the integral Building Blocks explained above its pretty impossible then, to fail in business, unless of course, you try very hard to drive it into the ground. This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive business implementation designed to give you the highest chance of success.
So in a nutshell, you are getting
The opportunity to ‘Design the life of your dreams and achieve your ultimate goals’ with a ‘Business that Enables you to do so’ and a ‘confident mind-set to take on the world’
£25,000, £45,000 AND £75,000 AND £150,000
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or scepticism, OR if you want to know the next step and want to get started?

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