Opportunity to be Trained as a Modern-Day Entrepreneur with Me Live and In Person !

From the Entrepreneurial Desk of Faisal Talpur

London, UK

July, 2018

Dear Friend,

I am doing a live training, coaching and mentoring program where I am transforming professionals to modern day entrepreneurs.

Before all, I want to know if you are interested?

This is an exclusive opportunity to work directly with me in personI will not only teach you all that I have learned in the last 10 years running 5 different businesses, but you will also learn how to build recession proof, sustainable and highly profitable businesses without putting much of your time, energy and effort.

This will be hands on experience where you will have a chance to get specific advice from me about what business type will fit your personality and compliment your strengths plus all the techniques of running today’s smart businesses and the future of business.

A truly personnal business

We will build a type of business that  will fit fully your personality and compliment your strengths.

Work directly with me

I’ll share with you what I have learned in the last 10 years running 5 different businesses.

Build a successful business

I’ll share with you how to build recession proof —sustainable — highly profitable business.

Core elements

I will teach you marketing strategies that have helped me.

You will learn the core elements that make the very fabric of a successful business and I will teach you marketing strategies that have helped me sell over £15 million in products and services. You will also learn how different business types are run, be it consulting, coaching, training, or professional services like marketing or PR agency, Human Resources or others.

There is enough knowledge in this program to equip you as a Modern Day Skilled Entrepreneur, to have an in-depth know how of how businesses are run, beneath the sheets information on how to create the best products for your markets and how to sell products higher than your competition.

As a bonus I am also throwing in How To Get Celebrity Status in your market place.

If you are interested in knowing more about How to Become an Entrepreneur, enter your name — email address and phone number to get started.

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