Opportunity to solve your Biggest Business Challenge with Me Live and In Person !

From the Entrepreneurial Desk of Faisal Talpur

London, UK

July 2018

Dear Friend.

I have allocated some time to solve the most difficult problem your business is facing, and I wanted to see if you want my help?

Let Me Solve Your Problems With You

This is an exclusive opportunity to WORK DIRECTLY WITH ME IN PERSON, and in the last 10 years of me running 5 businesses I have solved over a 1,000 business problems for myself and for my clients. (I am currently compiling that list of problems and will make it live on the internet for you to see.)

10Years Of Experience
5Different Businesses
1000Problems Solved( For Myself & Clients)

This will be a small, hands on experience, where you will have a chance to get specific advice from me about your individual business and your individual business problems;

Typically business problems are related to:

The general running of the business where unnecessary bottlenecks are disrupting the natural flow and rhythm.

Exchange of information, workflow, and procedures are not in sync and not running in harmony and in the right direction, there is a clear divide between the management and employees of the company. What management wants and what it gets are two end of the pole.

Collaboration, skill-set, priorities, allocations, delegation, personalities, strengths, communication, everyone is working for themselves for different reasons and team spirit doesn’t exist.

Software systems and technology instead of being an enabler has become a disabler, and disrupts the natural flow of business, or you need right systems in place to speed up business and automate things



Manual work and not following procedures has become the norm and takes precedence over processes and methods to streamline operations

Not enough clients (buyers) , not enough suppliers, not enough marketing, don’t know where and how to market, old methods have stopped working

Time has changed, markets have moved on and you are still stuck with the old methods of running a business, the way you display, promote, promulgate and project your product, to how you deal with your customer, how you handle the deliverable, everything has changed and you have been left behind.

You and your customer are on a different planet, you have lost intuit and sensitivity for your customers, there is lack of communication, and engagement, you cannot gauge what your customer wants.

The entire interaction between you and your customers has lost its warmth, its dry and distasteful which is why repeat business has become a thing of the past.

Lost the enthusiasm, ambition, focus and zeal to drive the business forward, you are sitting in a car, you don’t know where you are going

There are days when you do good business, and then there are months when you do bad business, your business is failing to gain momentum, it is short lived with small bursts of excitement but no consistent cash flow.

You cannot trust anybody to help run your business.

You don’t know how to extend your offering to different markets, you CAN make your business global but lack the expertise to do so.

You have tried everything, taken sensible steps and appropriate action but for some reason nothing seems to be working and your efforts are just not paying off.

You simply don’t know what the problem is whether it’s you, your business, your employees or everything else. You know something is not right, but you don’t know what.

My problem-solving approach is amazingly simple, straight to the point, very relatable, instantly deployable and most importantly it does not have a ripple effect, meaning my solutions do not overlap or spill over to augment other problems.

Problem Solving You Can Instantly Deploy To Your Business

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