Put Yourself First

Who do you really work for?

And here I don’t mean which employer your work for.

Have you ever realised, every minute of the day we are working for others. We are either working for our employers to make them happy and follow what they say,  or our parents, our spouse or our children. So we get up every morning to see others happy, to support our family and to bring joy in others’ lives and we tend to believe their happiness is our happiness, although there is truth in this, but the reality hits home when years or perhaps decades later we realise what the heck for, who have I been doing all of this, the fact that we really have been working for others all our life but never paid attention to what makes us satisfied.

This feeling of serving others and not being happy and fulfilled comes when you don’t put yourself first. There is a time in your life when reality dawns upon you that all the effort and energy has been expended in the welfare of others. This sense of realisation usually awakens if for some reason you feel you have not been given your dues, even after all that years of hard work, the people you have centred your effort around are still unsatisfied.

Truth of the matter is, as humans we are selfish, and our survival mechanism demands that we think of ourselves first, and for the welfare of loved ones later. You cannot genuinely love others if you don’t love yourself first, you cannot really help others when you yourself are mentally distraught and physically overworked.

Now imagine a scenario where you are engaged in work that gives you the potential of growth, it The only way you can

Years and decades go by and

What we tend to forget sometimes is no matter how good a human you are, by working with the intention of making others happy, can break you internally and

We are always working for others, sometime.


Faisal Talpur